Routine Exams
At Kirlough Family Dentistry we offer efficient routine dental exams for our patients. Regular dental exams are very important for optimum oral health. We recommend that our patient’s come in at least once every six months for routine exams to ensure that the teeth and surrounding structures are healthy. For our more at risk patients, or younger patients with growing teeth, we may recommend even more frequent exams. During an exam one of our amazing staff members will examine the teeth for signs of decay, disease or other more specific dental health problems. In most cases the exam ends there however if the examiner sees anything suspicious that requires further investigation, X-rays may be taken. Call to schedule your routine exam today!

At Kirlough Family Dentistry we offer a variety of Dental X-rays for our patient’s convenience. Dental X-rays are essentially photographs of the interior of the bones, teeth, and surrounding soft tissues of the mouth. They are used to best examine what is going beneath the surface of the teeth, to determine whether disease or decay are present. Some of the X-rays that we offer at Kirlough Family Dentistry are the increasingly popular digital and panoramic X-rays which make it easier to diagnose any problems quicker and more efficiently than ever before. These X-rays develop on the spot and offer high definition views of the structures of the teeth to ensure the most accurate diagnosis, and best treatment all in record time. (Make sure they offer these X-rays find out which others they provide to list here as well).

Even with proper care at home dental plaque builds over time. Left untreated this plaque accumulation can lead to cavities, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. Once every six months along with regular in office exams, cleanings are also recommended. When a patient comes in for a routine exam here at Kirlough Family Dentistry we will also perform a cleaning. During our routine cleanings all dental plaque, not removed from brushing and flossing alone, is removed using special dental devices. This leaves your mouth feeling cleaner, and fresher than ever before. The feeling of a truly clean mouth after a proper dental cleaning is amazing. Here at Kirlough Family Dentistry we have the most caring and committed staff and we use only the latest in dental technologies to ensure that your routine exams and cleanings are done efficiently with your comfort in mind. Call us to schedule your routine cleaning today!

At Kirlough Family Dentistry we offer dental sealant as part of our general and cosmetic dentistry services. Dental Sealants are a form of dental treatment intended to prevent future tooth decay. Unlike fillings that are used when decay has happened, sealants work as tooth shields to prevent future damage. We offer sealants in a variety of shades of white composite material to ensure the most natural and seamless look. In order to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and cavity free call and ask us about the dental sealants that we offer today.

Fluoride Treatments
At Kirlough Family Dentistry we offer a variety of fluoride treatments as part of our preventative dental care. Too much demineralization without enough re-mineralization of the enamel layer of the tooth is what causes tooth decay. Fluoride is a powerful combat in the prevention of tooth decay as it makes the tooth more resistant to the acid attacks caused by bacteria, sugars and plaque in the mouth. Fluoride can also be used to reverse early decay. Routine exams and cleanings are important for optimum oral health as we use fluoride as a preventative measure in all of our cleanings. Routine exams can also help us catch tooth decay earlier on when fluoride can be used as treatment, eliminating the need for any invasive procedures. Call today to ask about the fluoride treatments that we offer at Kirlough Family Dentistry we know the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. This is why we offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental services for our patients. Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry in which procedures are performed to improve the appearance, yet not necessarily the function of all aspects of a patient’s smile. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services including orthodontic services, dental implants, bridges and veneers.

Restorative dentistry is the form of dentistry in which the diseases of the teeth and their surrounding structures are rehabilitated for both the aesthetic and functional requirements of the patient. In other words, with restorative dentistry your teeth will be made both healthy and beautiful. At Kirlough Family Dentistry we understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile, which is why we offer a variety of restorative dental services from inlay, onlay and veneer placements, to root canal therapy, fillings crowns and bridges. At Kirlough Family Dentistry we understand that a beautiful smile is also beautiful on the inside. Call us today for a consultation.

In-Office DEEP Bleaching
At Kirlough Family Dentistry we understand the importance of a beautiful smile. One of the most attractive traits of a beautiful smile, beyond straightness of teeth is the bright white shade. Some of our favorite foods and drinks over time can stain and yellow our teeth and thus make our smile lackluster. Unfortunately many over the counter whiteners that promise a whiter smile simply cannot deliver as the majority of stains are deeper beneath the surface of the tooth. This is why we offer in office DEEP Bleaching here Kirlough Family Dentistry. DEEp bleaching is a process of teeth whitening that goes well beyond the surface of the tooth reaching and eliminating the tough stains that over the counter whiteners cannot even touch. A brighter beautiful smile means greater confidence, happiness and success in life. Call today for your consultation and let us help you get a glowing Hollywood smile.

Tooth-colored fillings
At Kirlough Family Dentistry having a smile that our patients can be confident about is just as important to us as the health of their teeth and that is why Porcelain veneers may be a great option. If multiple dental flaws in your smile are causing you insecurity and you would like more of a permanent restoration, veneers may be the right option for you. At Kirlough Family Dentistry we offer porcelain veneers of only the highest quality for our patients. Veneers are small tooth coverings unique and custom fit for each patient to improve the overall look of the tooth or teeth. When placed upon your tooth all aesthetic aspects from color, length, size and shape are greatly improved. Porcelain veneers are one of the many cosmetic dentistry services that we offer at Kirlough Family Dentistry. Call to schedule a consultation today!

ClearCorrect (invisible braces)
When any orthodontic treatment is complete the risk of relapse of the teeth into misalignment may still be present. To prevent such relapse in high risk patients we offer Clear Correct at Kirlough Family Dentistry. Clear Correct is a brand of discreet and affordable dental retainers suitable for patients who have completed orthodontic treatments with either braces or clear aligners. Not to be confused with braces, or other orthodontic treatments, although it can be used for minor cases of misalignment, ClearCorrect is meant to be worn after such orthodontic treatments have been completed. If you or a loved one have recently completed orthodontic treatments, ClearCorrect may be the next best step for you. Call today to schedule a consultation.

At Kirlough Family Dentistry we offer a variety of affordable dentures for our patients. We offer both full and partial dentures. At Kirlough Family Dentistry we make getting dentures an easy and streamlined process for our patients. Most dentures can be fitted within two easy appointments. To ensure the best fit we take impressions of your mouth at the first appointment. We then send these impressions to the lab to be custom made. On the second appointment, you will then come in to try them on. With our dentures, an acrylic base is fitted to your gums. Here at Kirlough Family Dentistry, we understand that every patient’s needs are unique and our amazing dentist’s will work with you throughout the process to make sure that you get the best denture for you. A denture that fits you perfectly and is comfortable is our number one priority, call us today to schedule a consultation to see if dentures are right for you.