Meet The Doctors

Dr Jon P. Kirlough, DDS
Jon P. Kirlough, DDS has been practicing dentistry for over 17 years. As the owner of Kirlough Family Dentistry, he has worked in the Cleveland community for 11 years now. Dr. Kirlough is a true family man, sharing four children; Aj, Alison, Anna and Abigail, with his wife Julia. Outside of his true passion of dentistry, he enjoys his spare time on the slopes and out in nature. Dr. Kirlough maintains a healthy lifestyle with cooking and exercising. He enjoys reading and spending time with his family at Browns’ games, Cedar Point or out on the lake. Dr. Kirlough blends these family and health values into his dentistry by treating every patient as an individual, and practicing the health practices that he preaches.
Joseph P. Ferrini, DDS
Dr. Joseph P. Ferrini, DDS is a general dentist here at Kirlough Family Dentistry. Dr. Ferrini founded our practice over 39 years ago and has entrusted it to Dr. Kirlough while working alongside him. With his many years of experience, Dr. Ferrini brings a high level of expertise to our team. As a true family man, he is married to his wife Cindi with whom he has three grown children; Joey, Kristina and Kathleen. He and Cindi also have two grandchildren, Jeremiah and Joshua, who are seven and four years of age respectively. In his spare time Dr. Ferrini enjoys going on walks and traveling with his wife. Together, they use their strong bond of marriage, and excellent communication skills to positively affect their community. Joe and Cindi speak and write on topics of marriage, families and special needs. Dr. Ferrini is also involved in spiritual development training locally, nationally and globally. Dr. Ferrini is a man that genuinely cares about helping others in any way that he can in the community. This dedication to service is reflected in his work as a dentist here at Kirlough Family Dentistry.